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Earth.Org for Teachers

The next generation deserves a sustainable future.

Earth.Org for Kids provides children with age-appropriate news and information about what is going on environmentally and in the world of conversation.

Our aim is to highlight in an age-appropriate way the issues of sustainable growth – of resource depletion of the impacts of human activity on natural habitats and populations.

Our intention is to make the information accessible so that kids can develop and further their knowledge of the welfare of the planet, and all species living on the planet which we call home and which is the only planet to which human life is well adapted.

Earth.Org for Kids has been created with kids and educational institutions and teachers in mind. We want teachers to have access to a digital platform that offers practical and informative content that teaches children about the climate crisis and biodiversity collapse, and sustainable pathways and choices that we must all make as consumers – through insightful and easily accessible content enhanced by straightforward and interactive data visualisations.

Earth.Org for Kids is a valuable resource to supplement your classroom teaching – our articles can be a part of your students’ daily reading material and our visualisations can be referenced in your homework assignments or test materials – the possibilities are endless.

We recently added a submission page to our website, where students and teachers can submit their essays and drawings related to climate change and the environment.

With our wide range of topics, every child will be able to explore their environmental interests – be it biodiversity conservation, deterioration of the ecosystem or sustainable practices.

We welcome all feedback and suggestions for this page. Don’t hesitate to email us at

We’ve been included by Twinkl as one of their picks for Top Sustainability Blogs!