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10 Inspiring Environmental Books That You Should Read

April 7, 2022 - Martina Igini

To better understand the dangers of global warming and the best ways to help change and protect our planet, we’ve prepared a list of 10 educational books that you should check out.

City Green, by DyAnne Disalvo-Ryan (1994)

City Green is a great book on how anyone can take action and make a difference. In it, Macy, a young girl, wanted to plant a garden in the vacant lot of her city block. The book describes every step of this complicated yet rewarding process, from petitioning and organising her project to obtaining an official permit to build a community garden for everyone to share. Fun fact: the book comes with a handy guide on how you can start your own community garden!

We Are Water Protectors, by Carole Lindstrom (2020)

If you want to learn more about Indigenous people and the importance of protecting water resources, this is the book for you. We Are Water Protectors is an inspiring story of a young girl who stands up for environmental justice and becomes an activist who fights to protect the world from pollution and corruption. 

The Water Princess, by Susan Verde (2016)

Another great story to learn about the precious resource and the importance of not wasting it, is The Water Princess. It tells the story of Gie Gie, a young princess who dreams of a way to bring clean drinking water to her village in Africa. The book serves as a reminder that not everyone in the world is lucky enough to have access to clean water on a daily basis. 

Pangolina, by Jane Goodall (2021)

A pangolin captured by cruel hunters is to be illegally sold at the market. Fortunately for her, a little girl who knows that pangolins are friendly animals with feelings just like humans, convinces her mother to buy Pangolina and set her free. If you love animals and you want to learn more about the issues of wildlife trafficking as well as the importance of endangered species conservation, this wonderful book is a great option.

Don’t Let Them Disappear, by Chelsea Clinton (2019)

To learn more about endangered species, check out Don’t Let Them Disappear. It will teach you everything there is to know about the animals who share our planet – from rhinos to tigers, from whales to pandas – and what we can do to help them survive. 

Kate, Who Tamed the Wind, by Liz Garton Scanlon (2018)

This book is a wonderful and inspiring story of problem-solving and perseverance, as it narrates the story of a young girl determined to stop the wild wind from blowing by planting trees. A great read to understand the crucial role of trees in our lives and for the planet as well as the importance of nature-based solutions. 

Greta and the Giants: Inspired by Greta Thunberg’s Stand to Save the World, by Zoë Tucker (2019)

You have probably heard of Greta Thunberg before, the young environmental activist who helped raise awareness about the world’s climate crisis, and now the inspiration behind this beautiful tale. The main character, Greta, lives in a beautiful forest. When giants started moving in, they started chopping down trees to build big houses! Now Greta has a mission: save the animals who live in the forest before it is too late. Read and find out how Greta helps them and get inspired to take action to protect the animals of our planet. 

Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist, by Jessica Keating (2017)

The book tells the story of “Shark Lady”, an enthusiastic diver who fell in love with sharks when she realised that they are not the ugly and scary animals that many people believe. Her story will teach you that girls can accomplish great things as well as plenty of fun facts about sharks.

Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth, by Mary McKenna Siddals (2010)

How much do you know about waste? With the help of bouncy rhymes, follow the letters of the alphabet from A to Z and learn how to compost the food we throw away, and why doing it is so important for our planet. 

The Lonely Polar Bear, by Khoa Lee (2018)

The beautiful drawings and the story of a small polar bear whose life is threatened by climate change will teach you about how global warming is affecting the fragile Arctic.  Join this lonely polar bear in a furious winter storm as he observes how the climate crisis is affecting wildlife. Here, you’ll discover the beauties of this polar region and understand how human actions are harming it and its inhabitants. 

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