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Martina Igini

Martina is an environmental journalist based in Hong Kong. She holds two Bachelor's degrees, one in Journalism and one in Translation and Interpreting Studies as well as a Master's degree in International Development. Passionate about writing and languages, her interests include sustainability and the role of public policy in environmental protection, especially in developing countries. She has extensive experience working as a journalist and in 2020, she joined the outreach team of the United Nations Global Communication Department. She currently works for Earth.Org and is the website's main writer and editor.

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A Kids’ Guide to Plant-Based Food Diet

The meat industry accounts for nearly 60% of all greenhouse gas emissions from food production. Similarly, high emissions are also […]

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World Rainforest Day 2023: 5 Stunning Rainforest Facts For Kids

Happy World Rainforest Day! On this day, we celebrate the importance of tropical rainforests. From providing the habitat to millions […]

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World Sea Turtle Day 2023: 8 Interesting Sea Turtles Facts for Kids

Happy World Sea Turtle Day! These amazing creatures are not only beautiful animals but they also show incredible perseverance and […]

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Earth Day 2023: 5 Earth Day Facts for Kids

Earth is home to 8 billion people, 300,000 plant species, about 10 million animal species, and over 600,000 types of […]

climate change; romario valentine

Educating Kids About Climate Change: An Interview With Young Environmentalist Romario Valentine

We recently spoke to 11-year-old Romario Valentine, a young eco-warrior and author of Protect our Planet – Take action with […]

international orangutan day

5 Fascinating Facts about Orangutans for Kids

On August 19, we celebrate International Orangutan Day. Here are some fascinating facts about these highly intelligent animals for kids […]

interesting elephant facts

6 Interesting Elephant Facts for Kids

Happy World Elephant Day 2022! These animals play a vital role in their ecosystems and contribute to tourism and community […]

Australia's animals

Australia’s Animals Are Disappearing, A New Report Reveals

A new report published last month showed that Australia’s animals have experienced a huge decline in recent years. Now, most […]

cost of space tourism

The Environmental Cost of Space Tourism

In recent years, scientists have perfected space technologies. These allow us to send people into space for exploration purposes. However, […]

Facts About Mangrove Trees

6 Amazing Facts About Mangrove Trees for Kids

Every year on 26 July, we celebrate the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem. On this day, […]

overfishing facts for kids

10 Overfishing Facts for Kids

Overfishing refers to a situation when fish are caught faster than their stocks can be replenished,  resulting in the species […]

climate refugees

Who Are Climate Refugees?

The climate crisis is rapidly intensifying environmental issues and extreme weather events around the world. Floods, wildfires, and droughts are […]

facts about the vaquita

5 Facts About the Vaquita, The World’s Most Endangered Sea Mammal

The vaquita is a marine mammal that exists in only one place in the world, the Gulf of California. Because […]

space junk, what is space junk

What is Space Junk?

Space debris – or ‘space junk’ – is any natural or man-made particle that surrounds the Earth or is in […]

how does plastic impact animals

How Does Plastic Impact Animals and Humans?

We generate more than 380 million tonnes of plastic waste each year, and 8 million tonnes of it end up […]

wildfire facts for kids

7 Interesting Wildfires Facts for Kids

A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire that burns in a forest, grassland, or urban area. The vast majority of wildfires […]

nuclear energy for kids

An Easy Guide to Nuclear Energy for Kids

When we talk about nuclear energy, we refer to the energy that is concentrated in the centre (or nucleus) of […]

How Does Fast Fashion Affect the Environment

How Does Fast Fashion Affect the Environment?

Technology has given rise to fast fashion. As new trends are generating huge profits for companies, they are also having […]

what is wind energy

What is Wind Energy?

Wind power is one of the most valuable and widespread renewable energy sources we have today. It is not only […]


3 Facts About Deforestation for Kids

Deforestation refers to the process of clearing or cutting down forests. Humans have always cut down trees. However, in recent […]

facts about the environment

5 Fascinating Facts About the Environment for Kids

Happy World Environment Day! To celebrate this important occurrence, we prepared a list of 5 fun and interesting facts about […]

endangered birds

6 of the World’s Most Endangered Birds

Birds play a critical role in maintaining natural ecosystems. They help control pests, pollinate plants – which ensures food security […]

Are honey bees endangered

Why Are Honey Bees Endangered?

Not everyone knows that bees are extremely essential for the health of people and the planet. Unfortunately, environmental degradation caused […]

endangered animal

5 of the Most Endangered Animal Species in the Ocean

Scientists estimate that around one million animals live in the ocean. From sharks and rays to reptiles, just under 3,000 […]

ways to reduce food waste

7 Ways to Reduce Food Waste At Home

Every year, we throw away almost one-third of the food we produce. Yet, so many people around the world do […]

Endangered Species Day

5 of the Most Endangered Animals in the World

In celebration of National Endangered Species Day, which in 2022 falls on May 20, we recognise the animals around the […]

fossil fuels kids

Fossil Fuels Explained to Kids

The world has been relying on oil, coal, and natural gas as the main sources of electricity for over 150 […]

pick up trash

‘The Conservation Kid’ Cash Daniels Wants to Pick up 1 Million Pounds of Trash By End of 2022

There are many young climate activists that are leading the way on climate action and fighting the biggest environmental threats […]

are microplastics harmful, what are microplastics

How Are Microplastics Harmful to the Environment?

We are producing, using, and throwing away more plastic than we ever did before and, whether we like it or […]

Young Climate Change Activists

Fridays for Future and the Importance of Young Climate Change Activists

In 2018, a Swedish teenager named Greta Thunberg started something revolutionary, inspiring young activists around the world to fight climate […]

endangered penguin species

5 Facts About Endangered Penguin Species

April 25 is World Penguin Day and to celebrate, we are bringing you 5 interesting facts about these iconic aquatic […]

What are the sustainable development goals

What Are the Sustainable Development Goals? 17 Facts About Our Planet

In 2015, the United Nations created 17 goals to promote sustainable development in the world. They define the future we […]

net zero emissions, what does net zero emissions mean

What Does Net-Zero Emissions Mean?

One of the terms we use a lot when we talk about climate change is ‘net-zero emissions’. What do we […]

environmental books; books for kids

10 Inspiring Environmental Books For Kids

To better understand the dangers of global warming and the best ways to help change and protect our planet, we’ve […]

solar energy

What is Solar Energy?

Solar power is a valuable energy source that can be used to heat buildings and produce electricity. It is the […]

food waste, food waste facts, food waste facts kids

10 Food Waste Facts for Kids

Over 800 million people, most of which live in poor countries, do not have enough to eat. At the same […]

renewable energy

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewables are made from natural resources on our planet, like wind, water, and sunlight. They are incredibly valuable energy sources, […]