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are microplastics harmful, what are microplastics

How Are Microplastics Harmful to the Environment?

We are producing, using, and throwing away more plastic than we ever did before and, whether we like it or […]

microplastics fish nile

Microplastics Have Been Found in Fish in the Nile River

Scientists in Egypt have found that a large number of fish in the Nile river contain microplastics in their bodies. […]

plastic roads; plastic pollution; plastic waste

Plastic Roads: An Innovative Solution to Reduce Waste

Our planet is drowning in plastic trash – 6.3 billion tons of it and counting. Plastic takes more than 400 […]

Jellyfish are thriving due to climate change induced ocean warming.

World Jellyfish Day: This Fascinating Marine Species Are Benefiting From Climate Change

As the ocean warms, more marine species are under threat. However, one species flourishing in the warm waters caused by […]

facts about fast fashion

6 Interesting Facts About Fast Fashion for Kids

Fast, cheap fashion has been on the rise since the early 2000s. It has not only changed the way we […]

Plastic Recycling for Kids

A Guide to Plastic Recycling for Kids

Plastic pollution is a huge problem for our planet today. Every year, humans produce an astounding amount of plastic waste […]

how does plastic impact animals

How Does Plastic Impact Animals and Humans?

We generate more than 380 million tonnes of plastic waste each year, and 8 million tonnes of it end up […]

How Does Fast Fashion Affect the Environment

How Does Fast Fashion Affect the Environment?

Technology has given rise to fast fashion. As new trends are generating huge profits for companies, they are also having […]

plastic pollution for kids

7 Facts About Ocean Plastic Pollution for Kids

Plastic is cheap and efficient, which is why it has become such an essential part of our daily lives. However, […]

what is plastic pollution

What is Plastic Pollution?

Humans produce around 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. That is almost equivalent to the weight of the […]

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