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microplastics fish nile

Microplastics Have Been Found in Fish in the Nile River

Scientists in Egypt have found that a large number of fish in the Nile river contain microplastics in their bodies. […]

ocean deoxygenation

What Is Ocean Deoxygenation And Can We Stop It?

Oceans cover around two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and produce at least half of the oxygen we breathe. But human […]

tiger roads

New Roads Built Through Tiger Habitat Put Species at Risk

By 2050, more than 20 000 kilometres of new roads will cut through areas where tigers live. These plans pose […]

carbon cycle ocean

What is the Carbon Cycle in the Ocean?

Carbon is an important chemical element; all life on Earth is made from it. Human activity is disrupting the normal […]

kelp forests

What are Kelp Forests and How Do They Help the Planet?

Kelp is a type of underwater plant. It is long and brown – a bit like seaweed, but much bigger. […]


What is Permafrost?

If you go somewhere very cold and dry, such as the Arctic, and dig deep beneath the ground, you’ll find […]

paris agreement

Reducing Emissions: What is the Paris Agreement?

Climate change is a worldwide problem, and to tackle it, we need worldwide action. That’s why, in 2015, the leaders […]

pangolins traditional chinese medicine

China Removes Pangolin Scales From List of Ingredients Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Finally, some good news for the pangolin: China will no longer allow this endangered animal to be used in Traditional […]