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rough ocean

El Niño and La Niña Explained to Kids

If you have ever wondered why our weather can sometimes be so unpredictable and extreme, then you are in for […]

coral reefs

5 of the World’s Most Threatened Coral Reefs 2023

Coral reefs are like underwater cities full of different plants and animals. They are super diverse and beautiful. But some […]

nuclear power plant

A Kids’ Guide to the Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

As we try to reduce carbon emissions, we need to decide if we should keep using nuclear power or focus […]

circular economy; net zero; sustainability

The Circular Economy Explained to Kids

A circular economy is a new way of thinking about how we use resources. In a linear economy, we take […]

water conservation

Understanding the Importance of Water Conservation

Did you know that every time you leave the tap running while you brush your teeth, you are wasting up […]

Climate change books for kids

8 Great Climate Change Books for Kids

Do you want to learn more about climate change? It can be quite difficult to find information about it that’s […]

effects of air pollution

What are the Biggest Causes and Effects of Air Pollution?

Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems of our lifetime and it refers to the release of pollutants […]

satellite sea level rise

NASA Launches a Satellite to Track Sea Level Rise

NASA has launched a satellite that will collect information on the world’s oceans to improve weather forecasting and document sea […] florida panther

The Florida Panther: How Can We Protect It?

A long time ago, the Florida panther roamed freely throughout the Southeastern United States. But, rapid human development is shrinking […]

california fires

California is Experiencing Its Worst Fires Ever Recorded

California in the United States usually has the worst of its fire season in September or October. However, this year’s […]

plastic litter ocean

Plastic Litter in the Ocean Will Triple By 2040 if We Do Nothing To Stop It

A new report says that by 2040, the flow of plastic litter in the ocean will triple if nothing is […]

death valley temperature

A National Park in the US Just Recorded the Hottest Temperature on Earth

On August 16, Death Valley, a national park in California and Nevada, recorded a preliminary high temperature of 54.4 degrees […]

chinese fishing galapagos

Chinese Fishing Ships in the Galapagos Are Threatening Sea Life

Ecuador is watching a group of over 300 Chinese fishing vessels in the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands, just outside […]

whales global warming

Whales Are the Rainforests of the Sea!

At least 1 500 large whales are killed every year, even though commercial whaling is banned. This is a massive […]

mauritius oil spill

Oil Spill in Mauritius Threatens Wildlife

On July 29, a ship crashed into a coral reef off the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, spilling over 1 […]

new emperor penguin colonies

New Penguin Colonies Have Been Discovered in Antarctica

A new study using satellite images has discovered 11 previously unknown emperor penguin colonies in Antarctica. This discovery increases the number […]

sixth mass extinction

What is the Sixth Mass Extinction?

When a species disappears permanently, we say that it has gone ‘extinct’. Extinction is a natural process and happens when […]

greenhouse gases

What are Greenhouse Gases?

Greenhouse gases are gases in the Earth’s atmosphere that trap heat. They let sunlight pass through the atmosphere, but stop […]

oil spill Russia

Massive Russian Oil Spill: What Does This Mean For the Environment?

On May 29, there was a huge oil spill at a power plant in Siberia, Russia. A fuel tank at […]


Moths Work the Night Shift, Busy as Bees

Though most people are aware that bees play an important part in the life cycle of many plants, moths, which […]

african black rhino

African Black Rhino Numbers Going Up

The numbers of African black rhinos are slowly rising, say a group of experts who work to protect threatened animals. […]

albatrosses illegal fishing

Albatrosses Help Locate Illegal Fishing Boats

Scientists have turned albatrosses into ocean spies by placing special radar tracking devices on them. The albatrosses, which spend weeks […]

polar bears extinct

Polar Bears Could Go Extinct by 2100

Scientists predict that most polar bears could become extinct by 2100 because of climate change. They add that even if […]

tigers india

Tiger Populations in India Have Increased More Than 30% In Four Years

Some good news for tigers! In honour of Global Tiger Day on July 29, a report released by the Indian […]

What is The Illegal Wildlife Trade?

The illegal wildlife trade of wild plants and animals is a growing threat that is pushing thousands of species to […]


What are Biofuels?

Biofuels are fuels that are made from recently lifeless or living biological material, but they are mostly made from plants […]

asian giant hornet

Asian Giant Hornets Have Arrived in the US- What Does This Mean?

Asian giant hornets have been found in Washington state in the US for the first time, according to scientists. While […]