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Jellyfish are thriving due to climate change induced ocean warming.

World Jellyfish Day: This Fascinating Marine Species Are Benefiting From Climate Change

As the ocean warms, more marine species are under threat. However, one species flourishing in the warm waters caused by […]

eating bugs

Can Eating Bugs Save the Planet?

As the world grows more conscious of its environmental footprint, many people have abandoned meat products, which are very environmentally […]

future renewable energy

What is the Future of Renewable Energy?

The amount of future renewable energy sources is expected to expand 50% between 2019 and 2024, led by solar power! […]

Population Sizes Decline

68% Decline in Species Population Sizes Since 1970- WWF

A global WWF report has found that the population sizes of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians has declined by […]


What is Poaching?

Poaching refers to the illegal killing or capturing of wild animals, which is occurring on an enormous scale with millions […]


The Destructive Truth Behind Aquariums

Saltwater aquariums are calming and beautiful displays of reef systems in homes and public spaces. But on the flip side, […]

wildlife trade

China Bans Wildlife Trade: Will It Work?

The COVID-19 pandemic has put focus on the illegal wildlife trade, especially in China, which has announced a permanent ban […]

grey wolf

The Fall and Rise of the American Grey Wolf

On a cold snowy day in 1926, the last two grey wolves in Yellowstone National Park were killed by park […]

Insect Populations

What Shrinking Insect Populations Mean for the Planet

A global insect populations study has revealed that 40% of the world’s insect species are in danger of extinction. This […]

plastic-eating bacteria

How Plastic-Eating Bacteria Can Save Our Oceans

Scientists have found a naturally-occurring, plastic-eating bacteria, which could play an important role in tackling the world’s plastic waste and […]

Antarctica heatwave

Antarctica Heatwave: When, Why and What It Means

Antarctica experienced an unusual heatwave this last summer, which began in late spring and lasted for four months. Scientists predict […]

International Sloth Day

International Sloth Day – 13 Facts

October 20 is International Sloth Day! On this day, we celebrate these fascinating animals and raise awareness for their species […]

blue whales

Blue Whales are Making a Comeback in the Atlantic

A large number of blue whales have been discovered by scientists near the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia after years […]

Greenland Ice Sheet

Scientists Underestimating Greenland Ice Sheet Melt- Study

In the summer of 2019, the ice sheet covering Greenland experienced significant melting. A study revealed that the loss was […]

Bats spread zoonotic diseases

Don’t Blame Bats for Zoonotic Diseases

COVID-19 is one of the zoonotic diseases caused by bats infecting another animal, perhaps pangolins, which passed the virus to […]

Chinstrap penguins

Number of Chinstrap Penguins Fall As Temperatures Rise In The Antarctic

The climate crisis and increased human activity in the Antarctic Peninsula have caused the number of chinstrap penguins to decrease […]


Clownfish Unable to Adapt to the Climate Crisis, Scientists Say

Clownfish are incredibly sensitive to small changes in their environment. The warming ocean temperature, expected to rise by 3°C at […]

COVID-19 may be ruining weather services

How COVID-19 Could Ruin Weather Forecasting

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many lives, with lockdown and social distancing measures, but our weather and climate forecasting systems […]

Crows are very intelligent animals.

Crows Are Much Smarter Than We Had Thought

When thinking about intelligence, we often place humans at the top of the ranks. However, there is a species whose […]

Oysters can act as a 'living breakwater' to provide flood defence.

Using Oysters as a Flood Defence Strategy

The climate crisis is causing rising sea levels and increasing amounts of flooding. Among a number of natural strategies for […]

What Satellite imagery Teaches Us About the Amazon Rainforest

In September 2019, Brazil’s National Institute for Space (INPE) reported that as many as 82 285 fires were detected in […]

green snow antarctica

‘Green Snow’ is Spreading Across Antarctica: What Does It Mean?

A study has found that algae growing along the coastlines of Antarctica is turning snow green. This algae will continue […]